Monday, 20 May 2013

Keep up the Spirit

I miss this blog. My crafty activity has been so slow lately. It's not because I am lazy, yet I was a little bit unwell this week. Also the baby. Most of the time spent to baby sit and so little time for crafting. Things are going well now, I am ready to catch up, particularly the producing process.
I also allow myself to read and create a short story a day. This is not only a sweet escape from the routine, but also an effort for my dream, a children book author.

Keep up the spirit :)


  1. hai mbak rika daniel, it's good to hear that you and your baby are in a good condition already. i just found out that you want to be a children book author, that's cool! passing your own story books to your children or even grandchildren would be a delightful thing to do. i hope that you and the baby always in a good shape. can't wait to hear more on the next post :)


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