Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"How will I spend my old age?"

Sometimes I read these kind of sentences several times to make sure I don't miss any single word that would bring me to beautiful places in the other side of the world. God bless good writer! :)

Before writing this post I just finished the household burden, you know, things like cooking, washing, cleaning the house, etc..and now it's time for quality time with the baby while watching 'The Muppets Take Manhattan.' Then, a thought pop up, "how will I spend my old age?"

In the future, when I grow old I wish I will continue to have fun with my passion. In the next ten or twenty years I see myself publish my own children book, heheh..I will travel everywhere to talk about my children book which is in the top ten of most-widely read children book. People would invite me to discuss about it, invite me to seminar, world children book conference, visiting prestigious universities, and amazing libraries around the world. (I know you are giggling right now! I do too. I will continue, anyway :p....) My crafty life keep continuing as it help me to escape from boring writing and reading routine, and the benefit I got from both writing and crafting will allow me to empower the society and build a library. I will have my own tiny studio as crafty space, which is also the inspiration room for writing in a tranquil country house. My children will be busy with their own passion, pursuing their dreams while mom and dad are having their old times romance back! I hope I wouldn't troublesome them physically and financially.

In my opinion, there is nothing to be afraid of being old. The only thing I am afraid of is growing  old, bored, and boring life.

How will you spend your old age? would you like to share? :)

Love, Ika


  1. i want to share something like this someday! XD

  2. kadang membaca dan menulis itu membosankan, makanya mesti perbanyak alternatif kegiatan.


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