Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Post

Sometimes I feel I treat myself too hard. In my attempt to stay on track, I've forgotten to enjoy the life. The words above is a reminder (again) for me, hehehe...

The town is so unfriendly recently. It is so dry and hazy as a result of land fires in several areas. It's so unhealthy to go outside, even in the morning the haze is so thick, sometimes when we sleep at night we can smell the fog. So disturbing. This condition then worsen by an irresponsible person, which I used to call him, Mr-Super-Busy-Yet-Annoying, who fires the bush just in front of our house! what an annoying! As a result, I and the family just stay inside the house, we don't even open the window! the bushes keep producing the smoke even after two days of fire.

 I've heard the government is trying hard to extinguish the fires. I hope this condition won't last any longer, I already miss my morning walk, smelling the fresh air or taking the baby for afternoon walk. 

Well, ok, enough for today. Good evening, get enough sleep :)
I am sewing a dress, hope can share it on Sunday. See you!


  1. rika, mudah2an cuacanya segera membaik yaa :)

    1. iya, Mba bisa kemana2, ga sehat :(

  2. i feel so sorry once i heard that you and your family are experiencing the haze and i hope that the condition will get better ya mbak. furthermore, i'm longing to read the next post of the dress :)

    1. can't wait to share with you too! ;D


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