Friday, 28 June 2013

What Made My Day

There is nothing I can say other than 'thank you so much' from my very humble heart. :D
This email, from one of my trusted customer, well, I 'd rather call her 'my friend', just made my day. She has been a loyal of my creation back in the first years of my handmade history from the very first time I was into handmade and craft world.

Well, this post is a little bit show off  :p so sorry if it irritating you..hiihi..I just can't help myself for not publishing it. It just made my day when someone appreciate your work sincerely.All the hard work seems paid off, it gives you positive energy, more inspiration for the next project, and boost up the creative mood.

I've asked her permission before posting the email in my blog :)

I am rushing 30 birthday goodie bags for my friend's son birthday, so sorry to postpone the dress posting. Will post it next week.

Love, Ika


  1. mang ga ada yg menggembirakan selain comment positive dari a happy customer ya mba. top deh mba rika :)

    1. iya, Mba Ike..jadi lebih semangat lagi berkarya :)

  2. nanti aku poto2 ah pake canvas bag nyaa \m/


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