Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#30Days Craft Challenge-Day 2 "Chiffon Dress {Done!}"

So, this is the final result of "Chiffon Dress" I made yesterday for the 1st day of #30dayscraftchallenge. I am happy how the dress turned out considering the effort to sew it. The pattern is self made, which I refer to my old dress with a little alteration. I choose to add adjustable strap because easier for me for breastfeeding the baby. The baby was looking and laughing at me while taking these photos, so why don't give him the shoot too! :D 

The last time I sewn a dress was in 2012, when I had three month pregnancy, now the baby already nine month. I found it a little bit easier in sewing chiffon fabric. All we have to do is patience, patience, and patience.

There are some of you asked about this challenge, as I mentioned in the previous post this challenge is to encourage and motivate myself in sewing and crafting. There is no specific rule, only a creation a day. You can also join the challenge, it has not to be in sewing thing, you can do what ever you passionate into, cooking, gardening, reading the books, whatever you like, as long as it is positive :)

So, are you going to join the challenge?
Let me know :) 
Got to go now, there are 28 days to go!

Love, ika


  1. Cantiikk.. pengen juga bisa buat dress sendiri ^^

  2. hello rika happy ramadan to you too!!!!!!! awwww baby i growing fast my son i one year old now. dress looks lovely.

    1. Hello Shaz, how are you? Yes, my baby is already nine month now. Time flies :)


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