Tuesday, 23 July 2013

#30dayscraftchallenge-Day 15 "Vintage Floral Apron & Apple Hot Pad

Please, forgive me for missing out couple of craft day challenge. As I mentioned earlier in the previous post, I got a left eye infection, well, not so serious, but I got to stop staring to needle for two days. All is well now, and I am ready to continue the challenge :)

OK, these are more photos of Vintage Floral Apron & Apple Hot Pad I made for Day-15 of #30dayscraftchallenge.

 The Hari Raya is getting closer, more cooking and baking time means new apron, right?! :p 

"The Apple' can be used as hot pad or coaster.

and the instagram photo I posted last night.
I hope you like it :)


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