Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Our Garden

There is nothing more joyful than spending quality time gardening with Mom. This used-bottle-garden has been my dreaming since a few months ago.  I keep collecting the plastic bottles but never had enough time to start my dream garden that my husband almost lost his patience and wanted to throw the 'trash' away, hehe...Thank to my Mom, who finally help me to grow plants in the bottles. She works diligently as she genuinely can't stop doing anything. 

So far, we have spring onion, tomatoes, some vegetables like spinach, long bean, also some fruits like watermelon and mango, and flowers too. I hope they'll grow well, thrives and flourish. I also plant to add some more plants.

Thanks to Mom, again. :)

Love, Ika

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  1. Mbak Rikaaa, it is sooooo gorgeous seeing this seeds getting taller, right?? Di rumah cuman ada bawang merah yang bertunas ditanem dan kalo dipotong ya sudak matek. Hihihi. Mbak beli bibitnya dimana ya??


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