Thursday, 26 September 2013

In Love with Embroidery

Hello there! :)
I really, really miss blogging. The time is so limited for me currently as the baby started to learn standing on his feet. Every day is busy baby sitting and chasing him :). Overwhelmed by all those baby thing, I still manage to teach myself embroidery. I am in love already. It really is consume extra time to make, but that's the most fun thing. I love working on the details, anyway.

The picture above is an unfinished bag. I still need to attach the zipper and and handle. I am going to publish it soon and make the ready stock.

I try my best to update the blog and keep sharing my work with you :)
Stay inspired!

Love, Ika


  1. Wahhh.... Mba Rika semangat!! Karya2 nya mengagumkan!

    1. makasih mbaaa...semanggaaat jugaa! :D


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