Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Apple Apron & Hot Pad

Status: SOLD

Currently, I am so lazy to take picture with 'proper' camera, I mean that EOS Canon I usually use. My time is so limited (as you know, most of them are for baby :p ) that taking photo with a camera is really consuming. So, I finally ended up taking photo with cell phone camera. snap! snap! Uploaded! and instant feed back! Thanks to instagram for providing us with very beautiful and useful filter app.

The Apple Apron & Hot Pad is made of cotton, local cotton, precisely. I think I started to reduce my dependence to imported fabric, imported craft supplies, and so on. Not only it quite expensive, but, I don't know, I think it's just me, "it limit my skill in crafting". Ok, this is only a personal view, but I tend to rely on those cute fabric to make things. I think I should return to the very challenging question once stated by my father. " If it is handmade, why using machine?" Well, I am not going to stop using machine at all, but at least 70% of my creation is made by my very hands and machine used for the finishing. Challenging.


  1. Lucu, mbak apronnya. Aku pin ke albumku yaa

  2. Salam kenal Kak Rika. Cantik kali apronnya. Contek kata-kata yg cute itu ya Kak :D


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