Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Making An Old Looking Picture// Crafting with Kids

We ( me and my son, who is 1 yo) made this old looking picture after watching Mister Maker made it on Cbeebies BBC. Yes, it is supposed to look old or looks like a parchment sheet. Did we made it right? :). It is so fun to make with your kids. As it is using wax crayon and paint so it will be good to supervise your kids, especially to keep the toxic away from their mouth.

so, these are basically the supplies...Black or brown paper, card board, bandage, paint brush, glue, water, coffee, wax crayon, and paint (not in the picture)

First of all, mix water, coffee and glue all together. cut the bandage and cover the card. Using the coffee mixture paint the bandage on paper and leave it to dry.

 after it dried, you can start to draw the picture you like. Use black color crayon for the border.

after finishing drawing, you can glue your picture into a card board to make it stiff, you can also frame it with card board and paint it. 

Now, your old looking picture is done! :)

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